Why I Blog.


In short… no idea. Thanks for reading!

Well actually… that’s not entirely true, about not having an idea that is. Truth be told I love it. I enjoy attempting to break down what seems to be the DaVinci Code that goes on inside my mind on a daily basis and get some of those jumbled thoughts into a legible and understandable format in a medium such as this. I would say that I blog more so for others than myself. I really get a kick out of sharing what learning I have undertaken with others, and if my jumbled thoughts and the like can assist anyone in anyway, then I am a happy man!

At the end of the day I find that I can reach a greater audience, in more depth, whilst blogging and again, if this allows me to share my learnings and understanding to the masses then… that’s awesome!

I do though to be honest find blogging difficult. It is not something that I have taken to easily, and I have been doing it for a few years now. Everything from finding items to blog about, which is not really an issue, more so the opposite, to finding the time, which links directly to the image below, to having what I would call a poor writing/grammatical style. I do wish I had more of a knack for both blogging and writing. 😉



I will move forward from here and say the reading blogs of others is certainly a favourite pastime. To read the happenings and work of real educators in a real classrooms doing real things is just as if not so more powerful than anything else that one may read.

Don’t get me wrong, I love reading all sorts of things for both professional purposes as well as to wind down and relax and relieve what stress I have! Thank you Harry Potter! 

There is nothing more… raw and or authentic though I find than reading a post written by someone who is passionate, dedicated, driven and willing to wear their heart on their sleeve and share all of the great, weird, wonderful, woeful and challenging things that occur in their professional lives! These are things that we can all learn from, be inspired by, look to implement and or steer clear from.

As time move on I hope to blog more. I really do. I have not shortage of ideas that is a certainty. Perhaps I need to allocate a dedicated time, or better manage that of self, and others, to find that time, to find alternative ways of getting my messages across, and so on… One thing for sure though, I want to start engaging in this a whole lot more.

Below I have included several GREAT posts by GREAT bloggers in their own right about BLOGGING and the whys and hows of it! There are thousands of other posts out there, however here are just a very select few!

Lastly, for those avid readers out there of my blog, thank you!

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