Goodbye and Hello

I am sitting here at my desk hearing the goodbyes and well wishes from afar. The laughter and banter is thick in the air. The camaraderie amongst staff here at Northern Bay College – Hendy Campus is strong, tight, and collaborative in almost every way, and for those reasons and many more I will miss being part of the NBC Family and in particular The Hendy Campus crew.

The decision to move schools and take up a new Assistant Principal position at Ashby Primary School was extremely difficult and it is something that still does not sit well, however I know in the long run for me personally and for my family, it was the correct move.

My first year as an Assistant Principal and having spent that here at Hendy has seen countless ups, downs and a few turn arounds. The things that I have learnt are astronomical and as I have mentioned to staff and our College principal class team I am a much better person and leader for having spent time at Northern Bay. My new learnings have come in many ways from all manner of people including fellow principals, staff, parents, and of course students.

The opportunity to start fresh with a renewed, purposeful focus is certainly something that I am eagerly anticipating. A continued, and in some instances heavier focus, on innovative practices in curriculum, pedagogy and environment, will lead me to engaging in ‘work’ that drives me as a leader and educator. The work that I have been part of co-leading here at Hendy will hold me in a better position to drive change and innovative practices at my new school, something I am looking forward to getting in to.

So in departing I say thank you yet again to all at Northern Bay College who have helped, assisted, guided, supported, and led me through countless wins, loses, dips and rises. Northern Bay is a unique place and because of that the people within in it are only made stronger through the collaborative practices and processes that they engage in. I sincerely look forward to returning to see first hand the impact that is being made by the outstanding teachers at Hendy Campus in the years to come.

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