Share Time: BYOD + 1:1 + iPad.

In my last post I shared a list of what I felt where the core fundamentals needed to occur when initially undertaking a BYOD program. Piggy backing on the… back… of that, i have shared below a few items I had recently created, adapted and shared with our wider school community.

These may be of interest and or hopefully of some assistance. My disclaimer being, they are not perfect, nor should they be solely replicated for p[otential use at your own settings. And I say that not due to copyright or privacy reasons, but for the intention of being that all documentation of all shapes and formats needs to be created specifically for the audience and setting it is intended for. What is one schools path, may not be that of someone elses. However, if you like, feel free to use what I have created below as you best see fit.


BYOD Parent Information Evening Presentation.

This presentation was designed to do a vast number of things in a short amount of time, hence its density in information. The presentation itself was well received and being a prezi with it;s zooming in and out i had no cases of motion sickness in the audience which was a positive!


BYOD 1:1 ipad Guide.

The guide is more so an extension of the presentation above in some ways. It is designed to help parents and the wider community develop a greater understanding of why we are moving towards 1:1 and BYOD. The guide also acts as the main document in answering questions people may have as well as being a “go-to” document to assist parents and caregivers in managing their child’s iPad devices.

I will add two more things here. Firstly, this is by no means completed! I plan on adding chapters relating to social media use and privacy, as well as a greater and more in depth ‘help’ section. Secondly, this was design using Apple’s iBooks Author program. As an attached PDF I have removed some of the interactives that were contained within.

APS BYOD 2017 Program v1.1-143eper


BYOD Action Plan. 

This is contained in part in the linked document above however this is something I found very useful in using to assist with the planning and documentation stage of getting the BYOD program up and running. I have linked below the Victorian DET website where the information I used came from. A great, but lengthy, and helpful site.

I have also included our Action Plan as an FYI.

Planning for 1:1 Learning. 

APS BYOD Action Plan 2017



Everyones favourite! They may be a pain to write, and get ratified, but they are certainly needed. Advice here, consult with as many stakeholders as you can. Definitely include parents!

APS-Cybersafety Policy


APS-Internet Policy


Digital Technologies Acceptable Use Agreement. 

As a side to your policies, every school should have a structured and detailed AUA. Let’s be honest, not everyone reads policies. What is below has been created via the Victorian Department of Educations own AUA template. I have amended it to suit my own school’s particulars and set up.


Here is the link also to the Vic DET’s AUA documents:


So there we have it! I hope all of that assists in some way! Happy to chat further and remember, these are all works that are ongoing and will always be updated and amended as needed to be at some stage. 🙂

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  1. Love your sharing Corrie. Although every school is different, it is good to see the nuances of other schools and how they approach things.

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