It’s All About Choice…

A true literary masterpiece.

Remember those Chose Your Own Adventure books when you were a kid? How good were they? Seriously. As a kid in school who was not an avid reader, the fact that I could have some input in how the story ended and the choices that my character could make was pretty awesome! Now up until this point in time, I’ve never ever thought about trying to write one, let alone teach others how to write one, and hence this post!

A little while back I attended a great day of professional learning which was facilitated by the DLTV titled “Tell your own adventure: Literacy and DigiTech through interactive fiction”. What caught my eye with this event was that I love my technology and the ways in which, when used effectively, can support student learning outcomes. Additionally to that, my school has had a large push on building the capacity of our students to shift from ‘being good at writing to being great writers’.  Based on that I felt this PL opportunity would encourage that.

Now not having a great deal of knowledge about Interactive Fiction, it was great to have heard from those that have had first-hand experience in writing it, namely Mr. Joel Martin. Joel is a fictional writer and novelist as well as having worked in the video game industry where he wrote and developed storylines and plots. Joel spoke about the importance of how interactive fiction (I.F.) often takes a non-linear approach, meaning that what we as an audience often perceive to be a beginning/middle/end type of story (linear), I.F. does not. It can take many different paths and have either multiple endings or regardless of the journey being undertaken, the ending can remain the same – however, there can be many paths to getting there. It is because of this, that I.F. stories allow a reader (or video game player) to imagine and immerse themselves in the text to a point where they make the decisions based on if they were the actual character. That there is why I.F. is such an engaging genre to read, and arguably an even more engaging genre to write.

As you might imagine, following on from this I was super keen to get started and was quite interested in how I could go about writing my own I.F. story!

Now it had been a while since I had led a ‘techie brekkie’ at my school. That “while”, being since 2018 – therefore it’s safe to say that the wheels had fallen off in that space. Regardless of that, however – it is better late than never and I felt that the information obtained was very much worthwhile sharing with staff. Based on that, please find below the presentation and associated links that you may find useful and or informative.

Of note regarding the presentation below is slide 9, a google doc that I created highlighting a selecting of tools that can be used, by students, to create I.F. Well worth a look if I do say so myself.

Before finishing up and focusing upon the main tool of choice, Twine, I have embedded below the I.F. story I started on the day of the PL. It’s short, it’s no masterpiece, and yet I am proud of it for my very first attempt. 🙂 Now I do need to add that it MAY NOT work… therefore I have “screenshotted” several images and added these below so you get the ‘gist’… 🙂

The ‘blueprint’ of your writing. Here is where your story is mapped.
The edit section for each page you add. Notice the double brackets are what creates new ‘branches’.
The finished product #1
The finished product #2
The finished product #3
The finished product #4
The finished product #5


As always – thanks for reading! 🙂

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