Nobody Cares… Maybe…

… but that’s OK, because I always will.

Those of you who occasionally read my musings and thoughts would know, hopefully, that I do enjoy coming to this space to write. I do believe though that I am a shocking writer! I type way too fast meaning countless errors to go back and repair, a bit like when I speak to colleagues and I try and get out what I want to in half the time… and really, I am in NO rush… I am constantly rereading what I have typed simply to make sure that I am making some form of sense and not sounding as though I am attempting to invent a new language. And finally, thinking that I need to have something worth saying that is going to change the world and in particular the entire education system. Let’s be honest – that’s not going to happen.

When I think about WHY I started blogging it was certainly not for the likes, kudos and comments. It was for one simple reason and that being – to share my experiences in teaching, learning and leading. Pretty simple hey. I feel as though however I have gone away from that. The blog posts of late have also been VERY long and if you are like me, I like to read posts that are short, sharp and to the point. One reason why every day I read Seth Godin’s Blog.

What has inspired this short post was another great mind that I admire in Doug Belshaw. A recent post of his titled ‘Just Write‘. It resonated as Doug talks about exactly as I have felt with this blog in recent times and in moving on from those feelings, and to quote directly from Doug’s post;

“So just write. Say what’s on your mind and tell the world about it. Not because it’s going to get retweeted, boosted, or liked. But just as an expression of who you are, where you stand, and what you think.”

I love that, and so, that’s what I will do. 😉

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  1. You were at least decent enough to give ‘word count warnings’ on some of the posts. Having said that, the short format certainly works for me. Keep it up champ!

  2. I was left thinking by both your post Corrie, as well as Doug’s.

    There are two pieces that I often come back to on this topic. The first is from J Hillis Miller who argued that we are always already writing:
    As we read we compose, without thinking about it, a kind of running commentary or marginal jotting that adds more words to the words on the page. There is always already writing as the accompaniment to reading.
    The challenge is getting those thoughts out.

    The second is Clive Thompson’s discussion of the power of public:
    Having an audience can clarify thinking. It’s easy to win an argument inside your head. But when you face a real audience, you have to be truly convincing.
    Although nobody may care, it is the possibility that they might which probably matters.

    In regards to your writing, what I have always appreciated about your posts over time is your effort to bring things together. Personally, I am less worried about the technical side of writing and more interested in the voice and perspective offered. But then, maybe I am just a bad writer too. Who knows, who cares 🙂

  3. I agree, and that is what I will do too. Thanks for sharing. Keep on and ‘just write!’.

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