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There is no manual. No set of instructions or recipes. No list. There are no guidelines or rules.

What there is however is a consensus that the global pandemic that is #COVID19 sucks. Period. We all wish it never existed and that the ‘old normal’ was, in fact, our current situation.

There have been countless posts and articles written and shared recently that have all been about “leading schools during a global pandemic”, or, “school leadership in uncertain times”. Can I say that as an Assistant Principal of an AMAZING school, every day is uncertain? Sure – I can predict that the general structure of the day will remain the same, however, it is the unpredictable that throws the proverbial spanner in the works.

These things do not equate though to a global pandemic. I recognise that. What I will say however is that as school leaders we manage uncertainty and unpredictability almost daily.

We do what is needed when situations arise to best support our students, staff, and wider communities because we are all unique with our own needs.

As much as I have enjoyed reading and engaging with those countless posts and articles written and shared recently about these topics, I am also conscious… maybe not the right word… maybe it is… that schools and school leaders are doing what is right for them, their own situations and their contexts.

And because of this, now is a time more so than ever for urgency, compassion and understanding.

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